Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls


Diablo III: Reaper of Souls is an expansion of the successful Blizzard Entertainment RPG known as Diablo III. It has been announced at Gamescon on August 2013 which features the former Archangel of Wisdom, Malthael as the new antagonist. It also features a new character class, the Crusader which is like the Paladin but amped up as well as an increased level cap 70. Expansions demand new monsters! Yes! This one has angels of death which include casting Seraphim, the summoner of the dead, the hulking Executioners and the fallen Death Maidens. An a whole lot more.

The cinematic shows us Tyrael, narrating about Diablo's fall from the High Heavens after the heroes defeat him. His soulstone fell down to a certain hall in the High Heavens where Tyrael and his fellow residents of the High Heavens look upon the soulstone. Tyrael wishes it to be hidden from everyone for its evil cannot be allowed to exist there. He takes the stone with him alongside a group of Horadrim inside a certain cave in the Sanctuary in order to seal it there. Tyrael himself said to them that their work is done until an ominous presence came in and he told them to run. The presence that drew closer and closer from the darkness turns out to be an old ally of Tyrael, and it is Malthael, clothed in black with an eerie pair of wings and a pair of sickles. Tyrael called his name and then he cut off the heads of the two horadrim standing before him. He then levitates and unleashes an ominous gray cloud unto those who are standing before him which we see that the person is rotting away while still alive. Tyrael then charged up his sword which he stabbed the ground to protect him and his human companion, he told the Horadrim companion to go and find the Nephalem, the hero who beat Diablo. He saw one of the human companions he had rotting away and his soul was drawn to Malthael as he drew closer and closer. Tyrael pointed his sword at him but Malthael himself just went through it without being harmed, he quickly took away the sword by using his sickle and then lifted Tyrael with it. Tyrael asked him why is he doing it, Malthael run a sickle on his face and something which look like soul particles begin to leave Tyrael. Malthael then threw Tyrael away and then Tyrael said that he will be stopped by the Nephalem as he drew closer and closer to the black soulstone. Malthael turned his head to Tyrael then said in a deep voice "No one can stop death" and slashed the very golden arms that held the soustone and finally he took it. This ends the cinematic.

I was wondering as to what happened to him in the 3rd game as he was thought to be wandering across Pandemonium. I was like "Will he return?" and this answered this question. At the first glance of the title, I am sure that something evil has gone wrong on that Archangel and the cinematic itself is self explanatory. Ho boy, not only are we facing demons but also dark angels as well. I think this will be a worthwhile story should this  be played.

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