Monday, May 11, 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron Review (Non Spoiler Version)

  Greetings all of you, it has been a while since I did not make a blog for real life issues. Now, I am back to do some reviews in a non spoiler version.

  Ok, Avengers 2 or more commonly called Avengers: Age of Ultron is the 2015 sequel to the ever successful superhero movie in 2012 known as Avengers or Marvel's Avengers. It is the culmination of all of the recently shown Phase 2 movies as well as the follow up to all of the Phase 1 films. This is all about the Avengers initially fighting HYDRA, creating a peace-keeping program called "Ultron" which then turned against its masters and they must put it down. This also featured superhuman twins in which they caused some trouble to the team but joined later on to stop Ultron from destroying the world.

 I was so full of excitement when I first heard this. I was looking forward about this film because of the long wait is here. I really love how they made this movie much better than the first in terms of the dynamics that the team had. The teamwork, the bickering, the resolution and so on and so forth. I like how they amped the action scenes up to eleven especially in the final fight where it was undeniably much better than the first movie. I also love the humor that this one had since it does need a humor amidst the darkness and chaos. love how they give emphasis on the  characters that we knew back as well as developing the new ones. I love how everything is connected to the previous films and how this one affects the future films.

 I was disappointed about this film's pacing as it kind of feels rushed that they need to develop some of the elements more. This kind of runs down to the threat of the main villain here. Like the villain needs more menace and threat than it ought to in the film. It should have been that it would be so significant that he should've overpowered the heroes which includes the defected villains. Like it should've been so strong that not even Hulk can dismantle it so easily. And the last cons is that they wasted someone precious to the film and to the universe as a whole.

All in all, it was an awesome movie worth to watch.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Health Concerns to Fellow Gamers.

Hi all. Here I am again to post something about health measures for fellow gamers out there.

Gaming may be fun, exciting, and most likely addictive if we are playing a game that we really, really, really like. This is especially true if you are playing Real Time Strategy games like StarCraft One or SC1 which demand a lot of time planning every single strategy possible, like macro-management and micro-management if you would like to go for a swift and terrifyingly awesome kill. Now I know that playing one mission, either you are playing a game with a standard mission time of 14-50 minutes, that is granted that you are giving it all you have as a good player. 

It is so good especially if you have every single advantage in the build and necessary precautions, studied the map a lot and every single deployment of the enemies' units and structures. Sure, these can be tantalizing to explore and exploit every single map's advantages and disadvantages. Like how you have a small map, with just a limited resource field and you must finish off your foe or foes as fast as possible without letting him/ her or them gain the upper hand. This is specifically and specially true if you are in the middle of a three-way elimination game where nobody is your ally. Or even if you have one that can't just be dependable when the situation is in your favor. 

Suppose you have the right build, economy, and strategy you (or your ally) may go for the kill right away. Or when you have a mission that you yourself can succeed that you could go on and on for hours, let us say 5-12 hours of gameplay due to the goodness of the game. Now, this may seem good, right? You must put a halt for quite a day, save your game when you reach the maximum of 3 hours, and rest. To do this, you must use a cellphone, or an iPad, a Galaxy Tabs, or an alarm clock. Let us say, you start at 10 in the morning. Set your timer to alarm at 1 in the afternoon. Or, you start in 7 in the evening, you set your alarms at 10. Why? You need to eat either before, or after the game, don't forget to take a bath, take some walking, sleep some 6-8 hours, and take some exercise as well. They are important as the human body needs them as we really, really, need the basic human needs when performing daily chores.

When this is done, a gamer will have a healthy life. A gamer must respect his or her body for he or she might develop harmful insomnia which could potentially kill him or her. I once slept in the morning and played all the way from night to dawn. That lifestyle nearly ruined me and it really, really, really got me so sickly and my mind was not at good will. I often nearly collapsed despite my determination to stay up. I decided to stop that lifestyle and go with some change for I nearly felt like all power left my body.

Before, I used to sleep 6AM to 11 AM or 7 AM to 2 PM or 10 AM to 5 PM. Now these are completely useless days in my life as I am supposed to do some fruitful work, yet I got bogged down on the bed and chair, or couch doing some fruitless success. Thanks be to a certain event, I was able to go back to 9-11 PM to 5-7 AM. I took some 15-minute strolling, ate the right foods at 6-8 AM, took a bath some 40 minutes later, change clothes after 12 minutes in the bathroom, and off I went to job. Although I have changed my lifestyle, I am still a gamer and am adjusting to fit my diurnal schedules and gaming to the right proportion.

So, to all of you: A gamer must have a healthy lifestyle despite his or her inclination for conquest in the games. 
- Max gaming hours: 3 hours.
- Rest for 20-40 minutes.
- Have some stretching.
- Do some 5 to 10-minute walk.
- Take some 500 ml drink of pure H2O, no sodas please! Soda may cause diabetes and other problems. Also, no alcoholic drinks! They are hazardous when combined with the excitement of the game that you were playing.
- Eat foods rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. (If you have not yet eaten)
- Rest for 10 minutes.
- Take a bath.
- Change clothes.
- Pray to God for a bountiful tomorrow (if you're a believer in God, the Almighty Lord).
- Sleep 2 hours (if you are doing this on an afternoon) 6-8 hours (if it is on an evening).
- Wake up and have an exercise.

ー Hyper Cobalt Max

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wow Marvel, just Wow! Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Review of Episode 17~Turn Turn Turn with Bits of CA:TWS

Hi all, I am back to post another blog, this time it is an episode review with a show that I am currently watching. I don't usually do some episode reviews for I tried to do some back then but due to some darn circumstances, I decided to just put them on hold for a considerable time until I get myself up with some confidence in doing that voluminous count. So, I r

So ok, I am up to date with Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the same way I am with all of the movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I have been brought down to massive jaw-dropping experience, from the movies and the episode-by-episode revelation after revelation. Since watching the recent movie "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" and the recent episode that just intrigued me more and more. I myself have my willing suspension of disbelief stretched even more due to the interconnected story lines that if you miss one movie, or episode, you will get lost in the way. I have been watching the MCU since Iron Man 1 until CA:TWS came on theatres and I liked it, I have seen how the stories are crafted and done in such a way that it brings freshness as it unravels. 

Now beware, this is a spoilerific one so bear it with me.

The story as taken from wikipedia:

[[-Garrett's jet is attacked by S.H.I.E.L.D. drones after the Bus is hijacked, and he rejoins the team. At the Hub, Simmons and Triplett begin working together to secretly upload Simmons's research on Skye's blood, only for a HYDRA assault on all S.H.I.E.L.D. facilities to begin, forcing them into hiding. Coulson locks May up in the interrogation room with Ward, still believing she is the traitor. Skye discovers a secret code in a signal on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s network that she deciphers to reveal HYDRA's infiltration. When the Bus arrives at the Hub, the group splits into teams to capture Victoria Hand, whom they believe is the Clairvoyant, and save Simmons. Simmons and Triplett are captured by Hand, but she reveals that she is not actually part of HYDRA but believes that Coulson is, and recruits the two to aid her in stopping HYDRA. Coulson, May, Garrett, and Fitz manage to capture a computer room in the Hub, but while talking with Coulson, Garrett begins urging him to kill Hand without a trial and accidentally reveals information about Raina that Coulson never disclosed to anyone, unwittingly outing himself as the true Clairvoyant. In the ensuing battle, Coulson and May manage to kill the HYDRA agents and capture Garrett. The Hub is retaken and Captain America defeats HYDRA's trio of armed Helicarriers, but Nick Fury is presumed dead in the aftermath and the remaining S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are forced to go on the run. Ward volunteers to accompany Hand to the Fridge so he can see to Garrett's imprisonment personally. However in transit, Hand offers Ward the chance to execute Garrett to atone for killing Thomas Nash by mistake. He at first appears to accept the offer, but then instead guns down Hand and the two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents with them, freeing Garrett and revealing himself to have allegiance to HYDRA. -]]

Wow Marvel, just wow! You just pulled so many red herrings after red herrings to the point that I just got blown by the surprise that came after the previous surprises.  After so many episodes, this by far is one of the best ever to be aired. Simply put, this is full of action, twists and turns. At first I thought that Agent Vicky Hand was The Clairvoyant and now this has come? After so many red herrings after red herrings, now I am even more convinced that anytime soon this show will turn every story down to the unexpected. Now I know that this has something to do with Captain America: The Winter Soldier being set in the same universe as with that alongside all of the other movies out there. Come to think of it, this episode has my mind blown. This episode has action scenes after action scenes, from the jet plane scene at the beginning up to the end, there is just no stopping. This is the same as Captain America: The Winter Soldier being a total non-stop action show of awesomeness. That was where Cap and the S.T.R.I.K.E. team entered the ship called "The Lemurian Star" to save it and its people from the pirates that infiltrated it. Said scene then was filled with action scenes left and right, this was followed by that car chase that Nick Fury himself got involved with. Granted! Yes! It was one of the best and then all others rolled on and on especially the final fight scene of that movie where Cap VS Winter Soldier and good SHIELD agents VS HYDRA agents. There is no stopping there in between, only some few pauses but not a total stop until you count the credits rolling anyway.

Now, let us go back to that red herring group that I mentioned a while ago. 

At first, I thought this Clairvoyant was either M.O.D.O.K.  or MODOK (which ever is preferred by you, but I will just use the latter).


MODOK has some sort of connection with technology, and have massive intellect to boot.
But the methods are a bit too intricate to have him on the list or so. 

On the other hand, I was thinking of Dr. Zola. Spoilers! Beware! 


Here is why:
1. A bit the same with MODOK but, ok, granted that you reader have already watched it so yeah! Bring it! We all know that he was recruited by SHIELD as a scientist, thus we all thought that he was one of the good guys but in reality, he was rebuilding HYDRA from within. 
2. He has uploaded his mind to the computer and thus making him a lot of probability to hack everything from within or so.

The last episode contained these words from our beloved agent, Agent Coulson (point 1):

Photo courtesy of Marvel Cinematic Universe facebook page.

Well, I see where this is going, someone from. Considering what happened in CA:TWS but, who could this agent be?

Then, trailers after trailers came in suggesting who The Clairvoyant is.

Well, several several hash tags of "Trust" and "Don't Trust" campaign that circulated all over the internet for those MCU fans and to those who watch shows like this. Here is an example:

Photo, courtesy of marvel's agents of shield tv tumblr.

In this picture, so many suspects could be hinted by their actions. I want to trust Coulson, Fitz, , Simmons, Skye as well as Ward, Triplett, and Garret but not yet with May. Why?

い Coulson
1. We know far enough that he is a good man. He devoted himself to SHIELD's ideals as well as someone of high value of being a hero.
2. He is like the team's father and being a father to the entire team, he was all too much to be considered a traitor.
3. We saw all of his actions pointing to the right way.

い Fitz
1. He is your trustworthy engineer, no need to explain further after all of his adventures with them.

い Simmons
1. Like Fitz but being a biologist instead of being an engineer.

い Skye
1. Would Clairvoyant shoot herself if it was her? Come on!
2. She is a bit too naive to be an enemy.

い Ward
1. Skye has him as her Supervising Officer. He trained her well, and now can we suspect him after all he has done?

い Triplett
1. He trained under Garret as an Agent. He even helped the crew do their good deeds.

い Garret
1. Being an S.O. to Ward, would someone like him even attempt to be evil? Well? He is a known good guy for such measures.

Why not May?
1. She is ambiguous as to who she is reporting everything to all this time.
2. She had some deep secret in her.

 Why not Agent Shaw?
He can be a bit too stiff with his job, who knows what? He could do all sorts of stuffs just to be an enemy.

Why not Agent Hand? 
After last week's episode, "Kill everybody but Coulson, Coulson is mine!". That line alone is a dead give away that she is a bad character after her command to re-route The Bus to The Hub for such a time. Something tells me that this ain't going well.

While watching that episode roll on, I have seen that Simmons and Triplett got interrogated in this fashion:

Oh my goodness! [[Swear to Hydra? Or to be crossed off like Director Fury?"]]. Thank goodness that they chose the latter and revealed that Hand is actually a good person. Then came some suspicion upon the other team members on board The Bus and some short debate came in.  Let us fast forward to that scene where Phil plus co and Garret did a convo here:


[[I never said]]

Then these coming along the way...


And there you have it! HAIL HYDRA!

Now, this very episode was mind blowing for my part for as we who have watched both CA:TWS and MAoS faithfully from IronMan 1 to this, are aware of what is going to happen to SHIELD by the time this airs. This episode has it all in spades. The jet scene, as mentioned earlier was one, the tension building up within was another, the other was this revelation about HYDRA around,

the fact that many of my assumed evil people are truly good, the bloody revelation as to who The Clairvoyant is, and the last but not the least... Ward killed Hand and allying himself to Garret! That is right! He allied with Garret, The Clairvoyant! Now I know that a lot of you, like me got shocked by this. I really, really got intrigued more and more by this as to how can this be for someone we like turned out to be an enemy. Either he himself is a HYDRA agent doing his stuff or did he received instruction from Coulson to do some reverse agent for SHIELD. Because of this, I said:


Thank you Bill Paxton for this!

Next up episode, we have Mr. Adrian Pasdar as Mr. Glenn Talbot. What does this mean? Does the Hulk appear or not? Let us tune in for the next episode.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Finally! NIS America has Offered an English Dub.

Ok, sorry all for the hiatus due to some situation. Now lemme do a reaction regarding this case.

According to ANN today,NIS America Offers Toradora! Blu-rays With English Dub:

After so many months of being a "sub-only" releasing anime company that licenses anime titles, these guys have finally done so.

I am so delighted about this. This is such a great news! Even though in my mind, I had a different cast on the set, the cast presented here is awesome.

Cassandra Lee Morris as Taiga Aisaka 
Erik Scott Kimerer as Ryuji Takasu
Christine Marie Cabanos as Minori Kushieda
Johnny Yong Bosch as Yusaku Kitamura 

Erika Harlacher as Ami Kawashima

 First off, we have Cassandra Lee as Taiga, I remember her playing as Ritsu back in K'ON! which made that character good. She nailed that role well. Another was that tsundere elven girl Leafa who happens to be Kirito's adopted younger sister Suguha. That role was also top notch and in fact, she made me like her with that portrayal of hers. With N

Second, Erik Scott Kimerer as Ryuji. I remember this guy playing that badass youkai named Inugami and that fat kid named Haruyuki and he pulled out an amazing hotblooded performance that was a definite win for such a talented newcomer. His most recent work as Alibaba was a top notch too! It fits him a lot with the emotion.

Third, Christine Marie Cabanos as Minori. This is excellent! This reminds me of a previous character that was voiced by both her and Yui Horie, that CPU Candidate Nepgear. I am sure that she will nail this girl well as Cabanos' performance as Nepgear back in Neptunia which they both shared did not disappoint. With her cute voice, I am sure this is in the hits.

Fourth, MMPR Black Ranger 2. JYB as Yusaku is a good choice. He will be channeling his awesome voice work as this guy with the glasses reflected his performance with Yukio Okumura as a mentor figure. This guy is undoubtedly great to be part of such work.

Fifth, Erika Harlacher as Ami. I may have heard her a few times in recent Bang-Zoom Ent. dubbed titles like Accel World,  Nura: Rise of the Youkai Clan,  and Dangan Ronpa. I quite love her voice considering this may be the time when that voice of hers will be channeled to a main character in an anime. 

Ok, I know NISA may have been a bit of a hassle to its fans back then. This is because they only dub majority of their games but not their licensed anime, however, this one may be a way to reconcile with them now with this move on the way. Good job NISA! Keep it up! 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Google Plus, Here You Go Again!

Ok, this may be out of place for an anime and video game fan for this blog but seriously Google Plus, this?
"Most comment notifications will now be delivered by Google+ and not to your inbox."

You should be ashamed of yourself!

Lately Google has this new feature unto Youtube that sends directly most of those comments and not to your inbox. This is annoying for Pete's sakes! Now not only am I having difficulty with my new layout but also my privacy is at risk. Google Plus, please stop it.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

How to Load Saved StarCraft 1: Brood Wars Multiplayer Games.

It has been a while since I last posted anything here so here I go. I have been thrilled to play StarCraft 1 for a while and I have been playing the LAN Multiplayer games with 2 CPU allies VS 5 enemy commanders. I have saved some of them and I went to the Single Player to load one of them. I did not see that saved game in any of those saved ones and I went all around just to get what I want. I failed in doing so but not until I checked some internet posts online for solutions. I did what they post there and it worked! 

 The steps:

は Go to C\Program Files (x86)\ StarCraft\Maps\Save.
は Find the save file with the .mlx file extension and copy it (CTRL+ C).
は Go to C\Program Files (x86)\Save\{{Your Name}}\
* Ex. C\Program Files (x86)\Save\Dark Arcueid
は Paste it there and replace the .mlx file extension to .snx.
は Start the StarCraft 1 program. 
は Go to Single Player.
は Choose Expansion.
は Choose the name of choice.
* Ex. Dark Arcueid
は Go Load Saved Game
は Choose your saved MP game and you're all the way for fun!

EN TARO ADUN EXECUTOR! Have fun with your 3-man team VS 5-man foes.

Friday, October 4, 2013