Friday, July 11, 2014

Health Concerns to Fellow Gamers.

Hi all. Here I am again to post something about health measures for fellow gamers out there.

Gaming may be fun, exciting, and most likely addictive if we are playing a game that we really, really, really like. This is especially true if you are playing Real Time Strategy games like StarCraft One or SC1 which demand a lot of time planning every single strategy possible, like macro-management and micro-management if you would like to go for a swift and terrifyingly awesome kill. Now I know that playing one mission, either you are playing a game with a standard mission time of 14-50 minutes, that is granted that you are giving it all you have as a good player. 

It is so good especially if you have every single advantage in the build and necessary precautions, studied the map a lot and every single deployment of the enemies' units and structures. Sure, these can be tantalizing to explore and exploit every single map's advantages and disadvantages. Like how you have a small map, with just a limited resource field and you must finish off your foe or foes as fast as possible without letting him/ her or them gain the upper hand. This is specifically and specially true if you are in the middle of a three-way elimination game where nobody is your ally. Or even if you have one that can't just be dependable when the situation is in your favor. 

Suppose you have the right build, economy, and strategy you (or your ally) may go for the kill right away. Or when you have a mission that you yourself can succeed that you could go on and on for hours, let us say 5-12 hours of gameplay due to the goodness of the game. Now, this may seem good, right? You must put a halt for quite a day, save your game when you reach the maximum of 3 hours, and rest. To do this, you must use a cellphone, or an iPad, a Galaxy Tabs, or an alarm clock. Let us say, you start at 10 in the morning. Set your timer to alarm at 1 in the afternoon. Or, you start in 7 in the evening, you set your alarms at 10. Why? You need to eat either before, or after the game, don't forget to take a bath, take some walking, sleep some 6-8 hours, and take some exercise as well. They are important as the human body needs them as we really, really, need the basic human needs when performing daily chores.

When this is done, a gamer will have a healthy life. A gamer must respect his or her body for he or she might develop harmful insomnia which could potentially kill him or her. I once slept in the morning and played all the way from night to dawn. That lifestyle nearly ruined me and it really, really, really got me so sickly and my mind was not at good will. I often nearly collapsed despite my determination to stay up. I decided to stop that lifestyle and go with some change for I nearly felt like all power left my body.

Before, I used to sleep 6AM to 11 AM or 7 AM to 2 PM or 10 AM to 5 PM. Now these are completely useless days in my life as I am supposed to do some fruitful work, yet I got bogged down on the bed and chair, or couch doing some fruitless success. Thanks be to a certain event, I was able to go back to 9-11 PM to 5-7 AM. I took some 15-minute strolling, ate the right foods at 6-8 AM, took a bath some 40 minutes later, change clothes after 12 minutes in the bathroom, and off I went to job. Although I have changed my lifestyle, I am still a gamer and am adjusting to fit my diurnal schedules and gaming to the right proportion.

So, to all of you: A gamer must have a healthy lifestyle despite his or her inclination for conquest in the games. 
- Max gaming hours: 3 hours.
- Rest for 20-40 minutes.
- Have some stretching.
- Do some 5 to 10-minute walk.
- Take some 500 ml drink of pure H2O, no sodas please! Soda may cause diabetes and other problems. Also, no alcoholic drinks! They are hazardous when combined with the excitement of the game that you were playing.
- Eat foods rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. (If you have not yet eaten)
- Rest for 10 minutes.
- Take a bath.
- Change clothes.
- Pray to God for a bountiful tomorrow (if you're a believer in God, the Almighty Lord).
- Sleep 2 hours (if you are doing this on an afternoon) 6-8 hours (if it is on an evening).
- Wake up and have an exercise.

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